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Welcome to Youth Employability Aotearoa.

A collective of national and regional organisations and networks leading youth employability initiatives. You too can be part of the collective. You can join for free.

We welcome employers, government organisations, educators or philanthropists.

2023 YEA Good Youth Employer Symposium

Join us to create meaningful change and powerful impact for youth, employers, and our communities. Rangatahi will share with us what matters to them in the world of work and our lineup of speakers incudes Professor Jarrod Haar from Massey University, Tanya Pouwhare, CEO of NZ Ethical Employers, and Michael Stevens from BLab. We’ll also be hearing from employers as well as practitioners working on the frontline helping youth into employment.

This is a unique opportunity for everyone involved and interested in this sector to come together to share experiences and learn from one another!

WHEN: Thursday 14 – Friday 15 September 2023
WHERE: Lower Hutt Event Centre, Lower Hutt, Wellington NZ

Why connect with us?

Each youth employability organisation or network plays a unique role within their community. But we recognise that no one service can meet the diverse needs of all rangatahi. The Youth Employability Aotearoa collective strengthens connections and encourages new collaborations. It is also an opportunity to build on or customise what we already have. Additionally, this is a great place to showcase your work on our website here:

YEA Collective Registration

Help ensure every young person can access the support and services they need to thrive in life, learning and work! There are four ways you can join the YEA collective.


Organisations that deliver youth employability programmes and initiatives — e.g. YOUth Inspire in Lower Hutt.


  • Share and showcase what is working well
  • Collaborate to deepen relationships with partners and put a common vision ahead of individual agendas
  • Support advocacy to improve policy, practices and resource equity


  • Opportunity to profile and promote your youth employability initiative and programmes
  • Opportunity to showcase your own best practices in stories written by the YEA comms team
  • Access to insights and learnings from other providers
  • Access to current youth employability data and the YEA data analyst


Organisations, networks or groups who connect with providers in the employability sector and indirectly provide services or programmes — e.g. a business network or volunteering organisation.


  • Support the youth employability agenda
  • Take an interest in YEA and advocacy opportunities
  • Encourage others in your sector to get involved


  • Opportunity to showcase your services / programmes or products through a website presence.
  • Access to the stewardship group, via one of its members or the YEA secretariat, to voice your issues and potential opportunities


Funders or sponsors of youth-based programmes/initiatives. This may include partner bodies, Government or philanthropist — e.g. Todd Foundation, MBIE.


  • May participate as stewardship group members
  • Take a key strategic or tactical interest in the direction of YEA and offer highly valued opinions
  • Can be on-ramped to provide financial support to progress the agenda or to support key activities
  • Can use your influence and networks to progress the employability agenda


  • Opportunity to showcase your investment contributions
  • Access to the stewardship group, via one of its members or the YEA secretariat, to voice your issues and opportunities


Individuals, groups or Government officials interested in the youth employability agenda who are keen to get informed and contribute when appropriate.


  • Take an interest in the progress and activities of YEA
  • Offer opinions that are valued and use your influence to progress the employability agenda
  • Assist with campaigns, advocacy or fund-raising
  • Connect YEA with the community and other key stakeholders