The Aotearoa Youth Employability Conference 2022

Uniting for Change

When: Thursday, 26th May, 9am – 4pm

Where: Online and in person at our Regional Hubs around the country. See our Regional Hubs section for more information.

Registrations close: Registrations for online participants have been extended to 11:59pm, Wednesday, 25th May.

The majority of the Regional Hub registration have now closed, with a few exceptions. See registration site for details.

Youth Employability Aotearoa (YEA) is excited to be holding The Aotearoa Youth Employability Conference 2022 – Uniting for Change hosted by Christina Leef, Kairaranga Kaupapa, Ara Taiohi, and Astley Nathan, Flava Breakfast Announcer and Radio personality, and supported by homegrown guest speakers, motivators and change-makers.

The conference is a celebration and proudly shares Aotearoa knowledge, recognising our unique history and cultural heritage in a globalised world, and the part this plays in our sense of place and identity as a nation. At a time of radical uncertainty, disruption, and escalating divides in our country this conference is a timely offering.

The pandemic has been brutal but instructive, creating an intensity of socio-economic heat not experienced in decades. Uniting for Change aims to reflect this need for change with speakers sharing short, sharply relevant, and engaging insights, provoking discussion and debate.

Within this space we will share the learnings of the last three years by those working with rangatahi across Aotearoa. Showcasing examples of outcomes achieved by sectors galvanising together and celebrating initiatives that have been unequivocal in addressing equity and listening to rangatahi voices.

Through creating spaces for attendees to talk, learn, share and have fun our regional conference hubs/participation parties will ensure everyone can join in. A key takeaway is the hope that attendees leave feeling positive for the year ahead, strongly connected to the sector and have their kete topped up with ideas and initiatives to engage with new tools and resources.

YEA’s mission is to map, unite and support the growth and success of youth employability initiatives around our country. We are here to serve the sector and to advocate for the changes needed to ensure the employability system is joined up, sufficiently resourced and the development and wellbeing of all those serving rangatahi is given priority.

Aotearoa must embrace and support the skills and talents of our rangatahi, as each and everyone deserves to take part in our community and workforce. It is critical to prosperity, wellbeing and equity for all.

If you work in or have a key interest in the employability, education or community sectors, are a policy maker, philanthropic or businessperson wanting to understand this area better, or are a rangatahi interested in a career within this sector, you’ll want to ensure you attend Uniting for Change.

We are excited to provide a platform that contributes to the above discussions and will continue to contribute to meeting the needs of our young people who are set to secure the future of Aotearoa.