The Stewardship Group

Shirley Johnson,

Director – Youth Employability, COMET Auckland (Convenor)

Shirley developed and leads the COMET Auckland Youth Employability initiative and works closely with employers, industry leaders, government agencies, educators, and youth service organisations around the country.  She is also the lead trainer for YEP providers around the country. Shirley co-led the development of the national Youth Employability Framework.  She is a passionate advocate for youth development, social justice, educational equity and economic inclusion.

Shirley’s motivation is to take the convening role of YEA is based on her belief that we are not going to solve the youth employability crisis without the help of every player in the skills ecosystem across Aotearoa. Shirley believes that collaborative leadership is needed to create a system that enables every young person to access what they need to successfully contribute to their communities and thrive in work and life.

Contact details: [email protected]