The Stewardship Group

Seumas Fantham,

Executive Director of Todd Foundation (Principal funding body of YEA)

Seumas has over 20 years’ experience working with young people and community. He holds a degree in Education and Sociology, is a trustee on the Philanthropy NZ board, has been on the Māori Advisory Committee for Philanthropy NZ (8 years), and is also a trustee on a Family Foundation, Te Muka Rau.

The motivation for the Todd Foundation to be a member of the YEA collective is that we have supported a wide range of regional community-led youth employment initiatives in NZ, and we believe there is a need for a national collective space that can potentially  “Influence systems thinking, role model new ways of working.  We think it is important to provide a platform to share models that are working well and to increase adequate resource towards YE initiatives that have demonstrated impact.”