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Work Ready Kāpiti supports youth between the ages of 15-24 to become work ready and local employers to become youth ready. This is achieved via three core programmes: 1. WEX - tailored work experience placements. 2. Kāpiti Work Ready Passport - a workbook based programme that allows youth to provide evidence and demonstrate their work ready skills and experiences, to be assessed on these and to graduate as 'work ready'. 3. #EmployerMeets - a series of speed meet style events that connect youth and employers, allowing youth to gain valuable interview experience, industry knowledge and connections into the workforce. Employers meet potential employees, network with other like minded businesses and give back to their community. Work Ready Kāpiti are also currently piloting two mentor-based programmes to further support the transition of youth into the workforce. All of Work Ready Kāpiti's programmes are free and open to all Kāpiti based youth between the ages of 15-24. These programmes can be completed online and youth do not have to be registered at a local college to participate.


NCEA Credits, Drivers License, Employment pathways

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