Contact Person:

Karen Fenn


YEP - Licence to Work Youth Employability Programme Manager

Phone: 068672640




YEP - Licence to Work is a cross-sector, business-led initiative, designed to respond to business and industry concerns that young people may not be developing the soft skills needed to succeed in the workplace. The programme provides an explicit sequence of learning activities to build the competencies business leaders have said they want to see in young people, and a process to assess and record them. YEP – LTW is offered through schools and other community sites. To gain a Full Licence to Work certificate of completion - The young person must have completed 20 interactive employability teaching and learning sessions, at least 10 hours of volunteering work and 80 hours of work experience with a local employer.


Employment pathways, Work ready skills

Key Words

Secondary School, Careers, Work Experience, Employer, Collaborative Partnerships, Evidence Based