Contact Person:

Tiare Matara


Employment Pathways Manager

Phone: 022 584 8152




Imagine if all young people could enter adult life with a clear understanding of who they are, how to live and where they are headed. Too many of our young people float through life. They feel directionless, baseless, confused, hurt and resentful. Some never discover who they are and never realise their potential. The pressure to “just get by” each day overwhelms their hopes and dreams. The Rising Foundation exists to change that. We journey with our diverse community of young people from the end of intermediate school right through to the time they begin work or tertiary education. We equip them with everything they need, emotionally, socially, developmentally and practically to lead successful lives.


NCEA Credits, University Entrance, Drivers License, Employment pathways, Other

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Kaupapa Māori, Tangata Pasifika, Secondary School, Tertiary Education, Careers, Work Experience, Driver Licensing, Collaborative Partnerships, Volunteer, Free Service