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Jared Tuoro


Jared Tuoro

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M.A.T.C.H Intensifier Pathway to the Tech Creative Industry The tech creative industry is one of the fastest-growing and includes animation, gaming, VR/AR/XR, film, marketing, architecture and many more sectors. M.A.T.C.H – the Māoriland Tech Creative Hub is for rangatahi with a strong interest in art, storytelling and digital tools. The aim of our M.A.T.C.H Intensifier programme is to provide rangatahi with skills and support to step into the tech creative industry. The MATCH Intensifier programme is unique for the following reasons; a 6-week fees-free training programme delivered by industry experts Followed by a 12 week paid internship All in a Māori environment at the Māoriland Hub in Ōtaki.


University Entrance, Employment pathways, Work ready skills

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Kaupapa Māori, NEETs, Professional Development/Training, Work Experience, Digital/Online Service, Employer, Evidence Based, Certified