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Genna Beaufoy


Rangatahi financial navigator




Recently our service has been funded to run a free program to get Rangatahi money wise, The course is aimed at 16-24 year olds in training, newly employed or studying via distance learning and alternative education. The course features two workbooks with exercises, group conversations, powerpoint slides and interactive activities to get rangatahi engaged. The idea of the program is to have a fun, interactive and space where rangatahi can engage and lead with real life scenarios such as recognizing cultural responsibilities with money, setting goals, and understanding the basic life necessities. Workbook one covers spending plans. Rangatahi will gain understanding of their own money situation, keeping track of income and expenses, needs vs wants and practicing good behavior by making basic budgets and spending plans. Workbook two covers borrowing money. Rangatahi will learn about what credit is and how it works, ways to borrow money, what interest is and lastly building a credit history and why it's important. At the end of the program each participant receives a certificate. The sessions can be flexible to suit you and the rangatahi. We are delivering the program in two ways currently. Firstly, a 1 - 2 hour session, one day per week over 3-5 weeks. The alternative is that we can run a whole day workshop style program. Usually from 9:30 - 2pm (ish) where the entire program is delivered and completed. We are always on the look out to collaborate with other services to deliver this program.


Financial Literacy

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