Anna Gaitt
Regional General Manager
[email protected]

For almost 20 years Graeme Dingle Southern has been investing in the next generation. Through our programs, we empower our young people to nurture their self-belief and confidence, tackle life’s challenges and make meaningful connections leading to brighter futures and broader horizons.

Career Navigator is a school based ready for work programme delivered to years 10-13 rangatahi, that supports schools to help students; understand the importance of schoolwork to their futures, have confidence in their career choices, develop work readiness skills, and develop positive attitudes towards work and job seeking. The programme has three main components; mentoring (with local business mentors), work ready experiential workshops and career pathway events. Career Navigator has been designed to develop soft skills applicable to the workplace, practical skills such as CV writing and interview techniques, develop workplace expectations and greater understanding of career pathways. Participants create connections in the community and increase career self-efficacy, motivation and sense of hope and purpose for their futures.

Career Navigator Community programme is dedicated to addressing the unique needs of rangatahi who have disengaged or left school without qualifications, readiness for employment or higher education. Our primary goal is to
equip these youth with essential life skills and resilience, empowering them to overcome challenges and uncertainties they may face in their journey towards the job market and personal growth. Programme Participants will undergo 8 – 11 weeks of structured intensive career readiness support, followed by an additional 6 – 8 weeks of pastoral care designed to ease their transition into the workforce or further education. The programme aims to provide targeted transition support for 8 cohorts of 16 disengaged youth per community, encompassing approx. Participants in the Career Navigator Community programme will undergo two months of structured intensive career readiness support, including workshops, career mentoring, worksite visits, guest speakers and a youth-led community project, followed by an additional two months of “job club’ – pastoral care designed to ease their transition into the workforce or further education. Rangatahi attend 3 weekly sessions of approx. 3 hours through the intensive first phase and up to 40 hours across the ‘job club’ phase. Our aim is to cultivate resilience, nurture career readiness skills, and facilitate adaptation to the ever-changing employment landscape. The Foundation’s proven expertise in career transition is evident through our successful Career Navigator school-based programme, which has operated effectively within schools and in the Invercargill region since 2015. This programme equips ākonga with the skills and confidence required to transition successfully from school to higher education and/or employment.

Evidence from both our school-based and community Career Navigator programmes highlights positive outcomes for participants, including enhanced confidence in career choices, development of work readiness skills, and cultivation of positive attitudes toward work and job seeking.

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