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The Youth Employability Aotearoa Provider Network is a directory of youth employability service providers across Aotearoa.

Organisations are free to list their services here if they align with YEA’s key values and the provider network kaupapa.


Use the search functions on the left hand side to locate youth employability programmes and organisations that suit your needs and desired outcomes. Providers have outlined their kaupapa and described their programmes within their listing.
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Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Wellington, Canterbury, National
1.YOUTH EMPLOYABILITY & FUTURE OF WORK ASSESSMENT - human potential measures of 10 behavioural skills, 5 performance metrics and 8 future of work attitudes. 2.EMPLOYABILITY WORKSHOP/MENTORING PROGRAM – coaching YP to experience and adopt renewed mindset and behaviours that increase their employability attractiveness through lens of the employer. Prepare YP for lifetime career growth and whole of person wellbeing and prosperity. Achieve life goals by realising one’s full Human Potential. 3.COLLABORATION: to co-design next generation YP employability learning solutions & tools, challenging us to go beyond "fixing problems" to radically transform YP and ourselves in our full rich diversity. 4.CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS for coaches and facilitators.
Crescendo Studio's mentoring programmes are for youth aged 12-24. We provide the space, industry best equipment, software and opportunity to work with talented audio engineers, musicians and mentors who can engage with young adults through a medium they are interested in. Rangatahi come to us from a range of backgrounds and abilities, this does not define them. They can leave these labels at the door and focus on positive outlets and skills to improve their lives. Crescendo Studio's are a place for rangatahi to express themselves, upskill in audio engineering, radio broadcasting and join a creative whanau. Through this experience they gain a support network and confidence in themselves to make positive choices for their own lives.
Recently our service has been funded to run a free program to get Rangatahi money wise, The course is aimed at 16-24 year olds in training, newly employed or studying via distance learning and alternative education. The course features two workbooks with exercises, group conversations, powerpoint slides and interactive activities to get rangatahi engaged. The idea of the program is to have a fun, interactive and space where rangatahi can engage and lead with real life scenarios such as recognizing cultural responsibilities with money, setting goals, and understanding the basic life necessities. Workbook one covers spending plans. Rangatahi will gain understanding of their own money situation, keeping track of income and expenses, needs vs wants and practicing good behavior by making basic budgets and spending plans. Workbook two covers borrowing money. Rangatahi will learn about what credit is and how it works, ways to borrow money, what interest is and lastly building a credit history and why it's important. At the end of the program each participant receives a certificate. The sessions can be flexible to suit you and the rangatahi. We are delivering the program in two ways currently. Firstly, a 1 - 2 hour session, one day per week over 3-5 weeks. The alternative is that we can run a whole day workshop style program. Usually from 9:30 - 2pm (ish) where the entire program is delivered and completed. We are always on the look out to collaborate with other services to deliver this program.
Richard Vernall of Lifework 4 Me Ltd has worked in the vocational sector since the mid-1980s working primarily with disadvantaged job seekers and he has provided career guidance and assisted young people into employment since that time. He implemented and managed the first independent supported employment agency in New Zealand, Poly-Emp Employment Service (1993–1996), to assist job seekers with disabilities into work after completing a foundation study course at the three polytechnics in Auckland. From 2001–2010, Richard was employed as a career consultant at Career Services NZ. Since 2010, Richard has subcontracted to MSD and TEC and provided a home-based, after-hours service to people requiring career/employment advice and brokered employment for people accessing vocational services from a range of government (ACC - MSD - TEC) and community agencies. Richard has a Graduate Diploma in Career Development (2005) and has been a professional member of the Career Development Association of New Zealand (CDANZ) since 2001. agencies. Services that Lifeworks4Me offers guidance via Face to Face - Phone or Zoom appointments and includes - Career guidance to assist you in life/work transitions - including up to date information on employment trends, training and study options Assistance with pre employment issues - CV and Letter of Application Interview skills training Networking and accessing the hidden job market
Te Aratohu Mahi 2-day programme that is delivered to High School students in collaboration with our industry/community partners. The aim of our programme is to help students build their confidence and knowledge that is needed to be better equipped prior to transitioning into sustainable employment opportunities within the Civil Construction and Infrastructure industry. On completion trade specific students will obtain their site safe certificate. Manu Tāiko The Manu Tāiko programme intends to inspire and expose Māori wahine to the wide range of jobs within the construction and infrastructure industry, providing essential training and experiential opportunities, through collaborative joint member efforts. The event is broken into three key elements (Discover, Develop and Deploy), with a focus on quality engagements and building sustainable careers in the construction and infrastructure industry.
Project Employ is a charity that helps young people with intellectual disabilities or learning differences find and retain meaningful, paid employment by providing employability and life skills training in a community-based setting; to give them a sense of direction, purpose and belonging within their local community; to remove barriers to work by establishing relationships with local companies; to give young people with intellectual disabilities or learning differences the life choices that others take for granted. The Project Employ Training Cafe will be opening mid 2022.
Imagine if all young people could enter adult life with a clear understanding of who they are, how to live and where they are headed. Too many of our young people float through life. They feel directionless, baseless, confused, hurt and resentful. Some never discover who they are and never realise their potential. The pressure to “just get by” each day overwhelms their hopes and dreams. The Rising Foundation exists to change that. We journey with our diverse community of young people from the end of intermediate school right through to the time they begin work or tertiary education. We equip them with everything they need, emotionally, socially, developmentally and practically to lead successful lives.
Wayfind Creative is an exciting new programme for creatives who are looking to take control of their careers and create a financially viable, sustainable and deeply rewarding career. The programme is designed to help you build the non-creative skills required for a future-proof career in the creative sector so that you can thrive, not just survive. Our goal is to empower you to become a more experienced problem solver, capable of directing the course of your own life and build a sustainable future.
Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Otago
YWRC provides employment relations education to young people to empower them with their working rights and help promote positive employment relationships. We also provide advice and support for young workers facing complex employment issues such as disciplinary processes, bullying, and dismissals.
Northland, Auckland, Canterbury
Youthtown was established in 1932 and celebrates its 90th birthday in 2022! We have been associated with Youth Employability Aotearoa since December 2020, and have taken on Auckland, established Christchurch as well as started up Northland for Licence to Work. We have a long history of youth development work, we are involved in several aspects such as Drivers’ licence training, life skills, sports activation and in cultural development. We have existing strong partnerships with Youthline, Blue Light, Play it Strange and AIMS Games. Youthtown programmes and spaces across the country for 5 –18 year-olds that aim to inspire and promote the learning of life skills, working collaboratively, understanding and building resilience, and unlocking potential. We run events, project groups, workshops, youth hubs, camps, and tramps too! Every programme we run works towards the aim of seeing empowered young people engaged in their communities. We regularly partner with national and local community organisations who are as driven as we are about improving outcomes for children and young people. Our organisational values are statements that become everyday actions in schools, on sports fields, gyms, classrooms, halls, hangout spaces, and offices across Youthtown and in all our partner spaces. These are the pillars that enrich our Youthtown culture. Seeing how our values play out in real life makes us stronger as a team, dedicated to ensuring great outcomes for young people. Our values are: Empowering others drives us Connectedness binds us Diversity strengthens us Commitment to our purpose leads us Young People inspire us Mā te huruhuru ka rere te manu Adorn the bird with feathers so that it may fly