YEA Data Points

Underutilisation rate

Erwin, Dasgupta, and Pacheco (2019) observed that in Auckland – underutilised workers tend to be significantly younger and female. Close to one-third of underemployed are aged 15-24; and nearly 70% of the underemployed are women (53 % of unemployed and 58 % of the potential labour force). Other characteristics that were linked with being more likely to be underutilised included low educational attainment, ethnic minorities, and large household size.

Underutilisation reflects people who:

  • do not have a job, but are available to work and are actively seeking employment – unemployed
  • are employed part time (fewer than 30 hours a week) and who both want and are available to increase the number of hours they work – underemployed
  • want a job and are available to work, but are not currently looking for a job – available potential jobseeker
  • are unavailable to start work but are looking for a job as they will be able to start work within the next month – unavailable jobseeker