Rangatahi Stories

Te Kaha O Te Rangatahi Indigenous Youth Hub

Written by Aree Kapa – Kairuruku Rangatahi

Te Kaha O Te Rangatahi Indigenous Youth Hub, a one stop shop for youth health, wellness, education, development and employment. Established in Manurewa in 1990, Te Kaha has created a safe space for young people to learn and prepare for the workforce. Their mission is to enhance the wellbeing of youth, to grow, develop and prosper by educating and developing rangatahi to become Champions of Change.

Te Kaha specialises in delivering to Māori and Pasifika rangatahi and their whānau within the Counties Manukau and Auckland region. With services to support rangatahi and their whānau, Te Kaha awhi rangatahi not only by upskilling and education but by using Māori health model Te Whare Tapawhā to ensure rangatahi are mentally, spiritually and physically workforce ready.

To find out more about Te Kaha, you can find them at:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tekahaoterangatahi

Instagram: @te.kaha.o.te.rangatahi