Rangatahi Stories

Mahi for Youth

Mahi for Youth is a wrap-around support service for Hastings youth aged between 16 – 24 years who are looking for a pathway to education or employment.

Here are five tips on how Mahi for Youth build employability in young people

  1. Create opportunities and pathways that aren’t known to the rangatahi for exploration and expansion of existing knowledge
  2. Create CV’s & cover letters to enhance rangatahi employment opportunities
  3. Assist with licensing to support with transport options
  4. Give wrap around holistic pastoral care with Hinegaro & Whanau Connector’s
  5. Remove barriers to employment for example physical appearance support; new glasses, interview clothes, wellness packs, haircuts

Dewald Botha, 19 from Hastings tells us how he found his calling thanks to the Mahi For Youth Programme (MFYP)

– How did you hear about Mahi For Youth Programme (MFYP)?

I heard about the Mahi for Youth programme through word of mouth, more specifically my girlfriend’s Mum.

– Why did you decide to enrol with Mahi for Youth?

I decided to enrol with MFYP because from what I heard it sounded like green flags all the way. Also, I knew I wanted to do something, I just wasn’t sure where to start.

– What was the main thing you learnt?

One of the big things I learnt from joining MFYP is it’s okay if things take a little bit to get going. I got to go to an awesome two week forklift course where we used virtual reality to learn how to operate a forklift.

– How did MFYP help you find what direction you wanted to go in?

MFYP is the only reason I got my current job at Re-Source. The team there is really awesome and they all helped me to figure out a plan for myself to go to the Air Force and be an Engineering Officer.

– What were some of the challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?

Earlier when I was doing the forklift course I was struggling to stop smoking marijuana. Because it stays in your system for so long it was an obstacle for a couple months due to excessive use. The job I have now doesn’t have a drug test as a requirement but with the constant support from Pip at MFYP especially helped to get off it and I can safely say that now I can pass a test.

– Why is it important to enrol with MFYP?

MFYP is important because it’s such a useful tool for anyone who can’t get the support they need to secure themselves a job or people who aren’t sure where to go. They do their best to provide the best opportunities for each specific person, they did all the connecting for me, all I had to do was show up and do my best to be pleasant. The amount of support is amazing.

– What advice or tips would you give to young people starting a similar journey to you?

The best advice I could give anyone in a similar boat to me is stop making excuses!