Lunch Bite Micro Events

Lunch Bite #1: YEA Q&A

July 2022 

In this video, Rachel Hawthorne from the YEA stewardship group provides an overview of the YEA movement’s whakapapa and purpose, followed by a short Q&A session.

Lunch Bite #2: Driving Change Network

August 2022 

In this video, Wendy Robertson from the Driving Change Network provides an overview of the network’s kaupapa and ways to get involved. This is followed by a short Q&A session.

Lunch Bite #3: Social Connections for Addiction Recovery

October 2022 

In this video, Cory and Cera James, from Tuhiata Mahiora Trust in Northland, discuss how to support young people recovering from addiction.

Lunch Bite #4: Insights from Employers

November 2022 

In this video, Joanna Hall (EMA), Lisa Woolley (Sequal), Brent Whibley (Patchell) and Ben White (Downer) discuss how to reach better outcomes in the youth employability space.

Lunch Bite #5: Youth Employment Success

December 2022 

In this recording, Jay Haerewa talks about Youth Employment Success, an online platform offering free employment-based opportunities to rangatahi.

Lunch Bite #6: Māoriland Film

February 2023 

In this recording, Aree Kapa and Matariki Black discuss their mahi as filmmakers at Māoriland Charitable Trust, where film, creativity, innovation and technology come together to help rangatahi develop for the future of work as story leaders, creatives and entrepreneurs — not just in Aotearoa but also on the global stage.