Key Messages for Philanthropics

The social and economic fabric of Aotearoa is rapidly changing. The growing recession will fast track these changes, making the challenge of remaining employable more difficult and more essential than ever before.


Deep pot holes have formed in the labour market impacting most on Māori, the Māori economy and most profoundly on Māori rangatahi (young people). Covid highlights three things: the shared challenges we face across the world; the deep and persistent inequities that exist; and the significant opportunity we have to rebuild a new normal in which sustainability, wellbeing, and inclusivity become foundational to our economy, our communities and our environment.

As governments struggle to meet the vast range of needs in the Post-Covid environment, the role and influence of Philanthropics will become profoundly important. We ask that you use your influence to leverage your convening power in order to help community, educators, government, iwi and business to work collaboratively and inclusively to create diverse employability skill-building pathways for young people.

Call to Action

Seek out and support groups that work with young people, particularly under-served communities who are disengaging because of their experiences of exclusion, bias, and poor access to resources.  Advocate for improved services for these groups.

Find out what is working and invest in these initiatives to scale and support sustainability.  Share what you are learning.

Raise your voice and help raise the voices of the young people in underserved communities. Listen to their experiences and hear what they need to thrive.

Link into existing and local structures. Circumventing local structures adds confusion and undermines the mana of local people.

Support and ensure trusted messengers have access to good information that can be shared in languages and via social platforms that will reach excluded groups.

Engage with YEA going foward

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