Key Messages for Government

Central and Local Government


Aotearoa’s superpowers in the reconfiguring of global economy hinges on our ability to harness the skills and talents of our rangatahi (young people). Their active participation and responsibility in our community and workforce is critical to prosperity, wellbeing and equity for all. 

  • Consider applying ‘youth employability lens’ within government supply chains
  • Incentivise employers to take the lead in creating employment or work experience for young people
  • Build a COVID-19 youth employability action plan, which

    addresses the skills gap, including what skills we need to invest in now for a thriving economy post COVID-19.

  • Young people must be consulted and involved in central and local TA’s Recovery Plans.

Call to Action

Recognise that employability is a lifelong learning journey to accomodate future skills needs.

Employability is a shared responsibility across the skills ecosystem. Plan for and recognise shared delivery.

Measure what matters, fund what works.

Prioritise young people’s participation in the labour market.

Recognise that all stakeholders are both gatekeepers and co-producers of employability skills. Address inequalities, including the digital divide.

Use available economic levers, such as social procurement, to boost recruitment of young people.

Engage with YEA going foward

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