Key Messages for Employers

Businesses and industries face huge challenges right now as Aotearoa recovers from the impact of COVID-19. YEA acknowledges the commitment to retaining workers (particularly young ones) over this period of scarcity and uncertainty.

Aotearoa’s superpowers in the reconfiguring of global economy hinge on our ability to harness the skills and talents of our rangatahi (young people). Their active participation and responsibility in our community and workforce is critical to prosperity, wellbeing and equity for all. In the digital pivot industries are being forced to engage with, young employees are creating value as employees.



    • The economy is realigning, and young people’s adaptability and resilience are qualities that we want to support and uplift at this time by working with employers and industry to practically support young people to take up opportunities where and when they exist.



    • We see an opportunity for businesses to re-orient in terms of purpose – and supporting young people into employment yields a double dividend in terms of Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility. YEA want to support employers to shape social procurement guidelines and to meet these.


    • Employers face constant demands from organisations who provide training involving work experience. YEA is interested in simplifying this for businesses and becoming a trusted partner and advisor for business on youth employment.

    Call to Action

    Keep young people employed and engaged.

    Involve young people in re-thinking new business propositions.

    Wherever possible, continue to host young people on work experiences.

    View young people as part of the solution.

    Engage with YEA going foward

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