Key Messages for Educators

Education and workforce development play a key role in creating an equitable and sustainable future for Aotearoa


  • Education and training play a key role in supporting and uplifting aspirations, and creating new pathways for young people to travel toward self determination and whānau/community wellbeing.
  • Experiences in education and training support young people to develop mindsets and capability to participate and take responsibility.
  • The culture of inclusion YEA wants to generate needs to connect with the culture in the education system.


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    Call to Action

    Work with Youth Employability Aotearoa.

    Recognise employability is a lifelong journey – not an outcome.

    Act to ensure employability teaching connects with all students, is scaffolded, is informed by industry and maps the skills and attributes of young people.

    Recognise that how employability messaging is termed, driven and communicated will determine its educational priority. Take action to communicate its importance.

    Ensure learning and teaching practices and programmes are innovative, inclusive and diverse.