About Us

We are a collective of national and regional organisations and networks leading youth employability initiatives.

Our Mission

Together we learn, share, connect and advocate for kaupapa that advance equity and meaningful futures for all young people.

Our Vision

By 2030, all rangatahi (young people) in Aotearoa have the skills and confidence to thrive in the changing world of work, learning and life. 

Our Call to Action

To help AMPLIFY youth employability outcomes we need to work together.  

Government can’t solve the youth employability challenge alone. Long term success requires collaborative effort and investment across public and private sectors. 

Aotearoa must embrace and support the skills and talents of our rangatahi. Every rangatahi deserves to take part in our community and workforce. It is critical to prosperity, wellbeing and equity for all. 

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The Stewardship Group

Jerome Tairi

South Auckland Young Entrepreneurs

Rachel Hawthorne

Transforming Conversations

Helen Anderson

Todd Foundation

Shirley Johnson

Youth Employability Aotearoa

Kauri Tearaura

Waikato Wellbeing Project

Charlotte Mitchell

Seed Waikato 

Jono Craig

MTFJ Jobs in Central Hawke’s Bay

Seumas Fantham

Todd Foundation

Krishan Kumar

Outward Bound